Sunday, August 21, 2011

I do not like TV

I’m not much of a TV watcher… I like Extreme Home Makeover and some of the HGTV shows and Project Runway and that’s about it… except when Survivor is on, I watch every episode of that.  Usually when John is watching TV I am sitting on the computer surfing, blog hopping or even playing cards. 

When Mike moved out of the trailer he asked us to keep his wide screen TV inside so it would be safe from the heat and whatever else might happen to it in storage.  So we stuck it in a corner of the living-room out of the way.  And there it sat until last night.

Mike and Kelly are here for the weekend.  Yesterday afternoon Mike and John did some brew tasting… well Mike tasted, John drove… choosing brews for the reception.  (Four weeks from yesterday)  After dinner and after putting together 23 centerpieces for the reception we were having a little chat here in the living-room when Mike asked why we hadn’t hooked up his TV.  John explained the cable was on the old TV and it was hard to get at…..

Before I knew it the old TV was pulled out of the cabinet and the cable unhooked, and Mike’s TV was connected…  And there it sits… connected….  Look how the “men” left it…
 It is out of focus, we don’t have the right cable service for it, and it is too blank big and it is ugly and it is obnoxious. And I’m stuck with it

I do not like TV and I really do not like this one!

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  1. Oh, but you know what that *big* TV screen would be PERFECT for??? A display frame/stand for small quilts!

    Measure how big the TV is and make yourself some interesting quilts to hang over it. Voila ... no big black TV screen staring at you. Instead you have a wonderful quilt/art piece. :-)

    OR .. you could just make the *top*, drape it over the screen and pretend you're using it to audition quilting designs. Making a whole bunch of pieced/appliqued/whatever tops is certainly a whole lot faster than waiting until everything is actually quilted!


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