Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is update time again

Today is the last day of Relay For Life 2011.  I am proud to say that the Delaware Quilts team raised $11,640.76.  Tomorrow morning we start a brand new Relay year, my 14th and the Delaware Quilts team’s 12th year.  Joan has informed me that we must beat last year’s $ so the challenge begins again tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who donated and/or helped in any way! 
The BOM for September is Jack in the Box, which was also our summer mystery.  So if you missed out on the summer mystery here is the block pattern. 

All fall retreats are full once again and all retreat payments are due now.  For those who are wondering when next year’s retreats will be, I have added the dates on the retreat page.  If you are interested in attending one of the 2012 fall retreats, I can add your name to the waiting list now.  After the 2011 fall retreats are over I will announce open spaces. 

Two other announcements… today is the Move That Bus day just down the road from me.  ExtremeMakeover: Home Edition did a build for the Dunning family and the Jusst Sooup ministry.  I am happy for the family and extremely proud of the community for its support! 

But even more exciting than that, my baby and his sweetheart are to be married in just 17 days!  Mike and Kelly will tie the knot on the beach on September 17th.  So don’t look for much chatting, sewing or anything else from me until after the wedding!

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  1. Yeah for the upcoming wedding. Ours is in 10 days. And, yikes there is a hurricane that might visit also. YICK. It is a totally outdoor venue with a big tent. This could be really ugly. I've done about all I need to do or so I think. I'm still sewing and playing on the computer. Of course if I would get off the computer then I could sew. DUH!


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