Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was M.I.A.

That's Missing In Action if you didn't know, but there wasn't much action going on. 

I didn’t post yesterday and yes it was a result of the bump on the head.  I guess I had a slight concussion as I had some blurred vision and a headache to end all headaches and well… one does not function well under those circumstances.  The computer screen was way to bright to look at so I did what any decent quilter would do… I sewed. 

No cutting necessary, the blocks were already made so I didn’t have to worry about making mistakes, so it was an easy job and even out of focus I got it done.  Good thing there were only 16 blocks, because by time I finished that headache was worse and I quit… for the day. 

Headache is barely noticeable this morning, so I think I’ll  go see what trouble I can get into on the sewing porch. 

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