Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing's working....

I had to go get my blood drawn this afternoon for a Dr’s appointment on Friday.  It took four stabs before they got any, and then it was barely enough to fill the two little tubes they needed.  I had plenty of water today…  so guess my blood flow isn’t working.

Came home from there and the cable and internet are off.  I waited a half hour and then called.  After 15 minutes on the automated system while the nice sounding machine asked me a billion questions it finally said that I needed to talk to a representative, and transferred me.  Then I got the music… and ads… and more music… and more ads… and more music and finally a real person, 27 minutes into the call.  She sounded as mechanical as the machine did and I wasn’t really sure she was human.  She asked me pretty much the same questions the other machine had asked me…  what was wrong, had I checked this, did I check that and finally hold on… 

More music and ads and music and ads and then she’s back.  Yes, there is an outage in your neighborhood and it should come back on eventually.  But in the meantime, can I offer you an up-graded cable.  For only $7.95 a month I can get free movies. 

Hold on… I’ve spent almost 40 minutes on the phone and now you are offering me free movies for $7.95 a month?  She said politely, yes… and I said if it costs $7.95 a month it isn’t free then is it?  And besides, what good would it do me, I have still no cable or internet. 

Oh yes, but when it comes back on you can watch free movies.  And I said to her, Look, I know you are just doing your job, but do you know how dumb that is… free means no cost.  You want to charge me $7.95 so it is not free and I still don’t have cable or internet and I am already paying over $100 so I am not interested in paying more money for nothing. 

The one night I really want to watch local news, for Extreme Makeover Home Edition news, there is no cable. And I can’t check for updates on the web sites either…. Sigh… 

Obviously this will be posted later… when I get cable and internet again.  (which happened finally at 8:20 tonight)

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