Monday, August 01, 2011

August update

I posted updates early, but guess I forgot to put them on here.  Shelly reminded me by email.  Funny, I thought she was a member of at least one of the groups, but it appears she’s just a blog hopper.  Thanks Shelly.

The BOM for August is Dove in the Window

I am announcing that I have room for TWO quilters at the November Retreat. I have gone through the waiting list and there were no takers.  Well... I had an opening and it got booked then someone else backed out and one more person booked but that leaves still table space for two more.

I had a pitiful quilting month in July, but still updated my UFO list.  I added another quilt, but since I didn’t finish it and have moved on to another project, it’s a UFO and is on that list.   It was just too hot to even think about quilting... but I did think about quilting a lot. 

Yes, I’ve started another project, another sample for the fall retreats.  All I’ve done so far is cut some squares, both sewing rooms are a bit hot.  I sure wish I would win the lottery so we could afford to build a new sewing room… I have a dream room now, and on these hot days I sure hope that dream room will have proper AC and heat!

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