Sunday, August 14, 2011

“Are you a gambler?”

That question came from a reader who follows my blog… good one.  I replied to her, “Yes, I think all quilters are gamblers.  We never know 100% for sure how our quilts will look when we start them, and sometimes even not when we finish them, LOL!  But we keep making quilts don’t we?  I certainly do, even though once in a while I make one I’m not happy with, I just start another one and move on.”

She replied to me…  “I was referring to your stop at the casino yesterday”  

OH!!  LOL!  Yes I guess I am a gambler that way too.  No I don’t go often but most of the time when I go I have an enjoyable time, if I win or not.  I love people watching as long as I am not surrounded by them, and the casino is a great place to people watch.  Most of the time the crowds are quite mixed, those who are serious gamblers and those who are just there for fun, like me.  Yesterday was no exception, it was a very mixed crowd for sure.  But there seemed to be a fun atmosphere yesterday, I didn’t really see any “grumpy gamblers”

I have a routine when I go, I walk all around watching people and looking for fun machines.  I’m not one to just sit down at a Lucky 7 machine and spin all my money away… I want a game.  I always look for a quilt related theme, like Lucky Diamonds, which wasn’t so lucky last night, so I moved on.  I always try a fish related game, for Jon the fish guy in my family, and I tried a Builders Bonus yesterday for Mike, it didn’t build me any bonuses.  Then I let John pick a machine… what he picked wasn’t lucky for me, or interesting. 

In the next row of machines I saw Lil Ladies, themed with lady bugs.  Sort of cute, so I cashed out.  My $20 was down to $3 so I hoped those Lucky Ladies would pay off.  I put my slip in and then realized it was a $1 machine.  Whoops… I usually limit myself to between a penny and a quarter.  But my slip was in and I had $3 so I made a $1 bet.

I won fifty cents, and ten free spins.  OK, not bad… then the machine changed screens and started spinning all by its self.  OH… one of those kind of free spins.  So I sat back and let it go.  First spin I won my $1 back, second spin it doubled, then again. Hey, I was going in the right direction for a change.  It kept spinning and I kept winning.   When it was done spinning my $3 was up to $40.15, so I cashed out. 

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