Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preparing for Irene

Our local TV station has a Hurricane Emergency Check List:
Battery powered TV… check but it will do us little good, we probably will not have cable
Battery powered radio … check
Flashlights … check
Battery Lantern… check
Extra Batteries…. check check and check, we have plenty
Lighters / Matches …  check but for what? 

WATER minimums 
7 gallons per person.. check
2 gallons additional water for cooking and sanitation per person,, check for clean water and check for flushing water, no electric means no pump and no flushing
Portable water filter…check
Ice chest and bags of ice for storage of food… check but we won’t need it, frig will be on generator
2 Weeks of nonperishable foods.. we have generator to keep foods safe and to cook
Snacks that do not increase thirst….check, and double check
2 Weeks of pet food… check and kitty litter too!  You don’t think I would forget Mufasa do you? 

There is more, but that’s for people who are evacuating… we will not.  We are not in a flood zone and should be safe.  If everyone who is in the path of this storm evacuates there will be over 55 million people on the road.  55 million people all trying to go inland.  We feel our safest place will be here at home. 


  1. Have they started sending out the C5s yet? That was always the sign to us when stationed there. Please be safe :)

  2. I'm not close enough to Dover to know that information. But I'm sure the local TV station will memtion that one!


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