Friday, August 26, 2011

55 to 65 million people will be affected

Yes, I know I live close to the ocean, 5 miles as the crow flies.  Yes I know the winds will be very high, up to and over sustained winds of 110 mph.  Yes I know we will lose power. 

Evacuation orders say. “locations within three-quarters of a mile of a major waterway in eastern Sussex County, including Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay, Little Assawoman Bay, and Pepper Creek.”  That does not affect us. 

Where should we go?  To get totally away from this storm we’d have to go to west, and to go west we would have to cross huge bodies of water.  I heard on the radio that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge will close early today.  I also read on the web site that the canal bridges may close. 

Jonathon is north of us, and even to get to him we have to cross water.  He is under the same threat as we are.  However, at this time, we are considering going to his townhouse in Newark.  We will decide for sure at noon today. 

I also know that once I leave this house, it could be up to a week, perhaps more, before I can get back here.  I don’t want to leave… but


  1. Wish I could pick you up and bring you to Montana for a week. Please stay safe!

  2. I live about a mile from the ocean on Long Island NY. So far we are not evacuating. We live up a little hill so shouldn't have much flooding. I don't know where we would go if we had to leave. Stay safe Marge.


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