Friday, August 05, 2011

Catching up

Yesterday I had to run downstate to pick up more T-shirts.  On the way home I stopped in at Serendipity Quilt Shop and bought a few yards of a bright fabric to add to my Ugly quilt sample.  When I got home I tossed the fabric in the washer and then dryer and then cut some squares and made some blocks.  I have 16 partially made blocks waiting for me to get back to them. 

In the late afternoon we went upstate to visit the almost birthday boy and take him out to dinner.  We had a very nice visit, although way too short.  On the way home I realized how much I miss having the boys stopping in and bothering us.  Yes they text me and email me and even call me, but it just isn’t the same as an in person conversation.  Seems like just yesterday they were babies and now they are all grown up and out on their own… totally.

This morning was settlement on the trailer.  Huge financial relief and a mental strain over with.  Was it a good thing buying that trailer… you bet it was!  It gave me the peace and quiet I love so much, and prepared me for this final move away from home that both boys have made, practice for the empty nest so to speak.  And it especially gave Mike practice on being on his own, taking care of his own home, and a small step out there into the independence he now has. 

Next big step, marriage… soon for Mike and Kelly, and soon too (I hope) for Jon and Steph.  


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