Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OK you caught me....

A couple of “friends” said they “saw” me on Facebook over the weekend and again this morning.  Guess I got caught… 

Yes, I am back on Facebook and let me explain why.  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is doing a build here in Lewes.  I know of the family and am extremely disappointed that my health won’t allow me to be a part of the build.  I can’t stand for more than ten minutes, and if you ever saw that show you know the volunteers stand around a LOT! 
I have quite a few local acquaintances who are volunteering and one of them told me that I could keep up with the build on Facebook… so I checked it and found out I could see a lot more if I signed in to Facebook.

Over the weekend I watched the local news on my lap top from upstate.  They kept referring to messages on Facebook, so I checked it to keep better track of my community during the storm.  Again, I could see more if I signed in.

I thought I quit, but guess what… quitting on Facebook is pretty much the same as logging out… when you go back everything is still there, friends, messages and all the crap that I was trying to get away from.    Yes, I have found Facebook very informative and helpful during the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build here in Lewes and in keeping up to local news during Irene. 

Yes, I still do not like Facebook.  Some of the stupid things I read during hurricane reading were unbelievably stupid..  Like “when will Irene come to my city?”… Like that person was expecting Irene to knock on her door and say “Here I am!”  Like “How come you don’t talk about my town?”  How many thousands of little towns are on the Delmarva Peninsula and you expect them to mention every little town? 

Because I was not in my home and away from my hometown, I greatly appreciated the coverage WBOC gave on their on-line broadcast and on Facebook too.   If only you could weed out the garbage and stupidity on Facebook. 

That I could not read these things without everyone in the Facebook world knowing I was on line irks me… can’t a person lurk in private?

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  1. Hi Marge,
    Yep, FB has a lot of stupid remarks! Make sure your chat feature is turned OFF - that's the best way to not get caught.
    Hope this helps!!!


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