Sunday, August 14, 2011

SYNC my Garmin

Yesterday John and I headed to Maryland for another bridal shower for Kelly.   He was my driver.  We knew pretty much where we were going, at least we knew how to get to Annapolis, but needed guidance from there to the party.  No problem, I have a Garmin.  And I have SYNC on my Escape.  Should have been plenty of help.

Should have been…. The Garmin wasn’t working at all. Oh it knew where we were, but there was no way to tell it where we wanted to go.  When I pushed Address it told me No Data Available.  That meant the only places I could go were those saved in my memory, and where we were going was not one of them. 

 So I tried the SYNC, which I’ll admit I have not tried since I got the car 14 months ago.  Everywhere I’ve been I knew how to get to and from so I never needed it.  Fortunately it worked, great, and we found our way to the party.

While I was at the shower John went off and did some shopping.  He called me when he got back into the neighborhood so I knew he was done and could leave when the time was right.  However that meant his phone was the one SYNCed and when I got back in the car and we headed home I could not SYNC and John’s phone was not on the Directions part of the SYNC, and that had to be done on line before he could use it. 

However, despite the lack of anyone telling us where to go, we made it home safely after a detour.  NOT because we took a wrong turn or anything, just because we decided at the last minute to stop into the Casino for dinner and a little fun before coming home.  We went in with $40 and played for an hour, then ate dinner, and then played a few more minutes before leaving.  We left with a little over an hour’s worth of fun and full tummies AND $21 in our pockets… not bad I think. 

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