Friday, August 12, 2011

I made a huge mistake….

Nothing to do with quilting, don’t worry.  My mistake was leaving the security of my home on a Friday in August.  Traffic… 

I turned right out of my driveway, then right at the end of my street.  1/4 mile down the road there is an intersection, the other people had a stop sign, I did not.    Apparently the idiot who was coming past that stop sign did not realize I did not have to stop and he did, despite the big RED sign he drove right past.  Fortunately there was no one behind me so I didn’t get rear-ended when I slammed on my breaks to avoid broadsiding that idiot. 

I blew on my horn out of frustration, and then followed the same idiot three miles down the road.  Excuse me, my mistake, I didn’t know that little ole men driving tan mini trucks were excused from stopping at stop signs, because he went right through the next one too, almost causing another accident when the people who didn’t have a stop sign almost broadsided the same idiot.  And that person was almost rear-ended by  another little old man driving another mini truck… perhaps he was trying to catch up to the other guy? 

So I made it safely to the post office, in and our real quick.  Then to the bank, only 2 miles away.  I witnessed another idiot running a red light, lady this time driving a nice white caddy…  and then that same lady turning into a store without using her blinkers and cutting off another lady who was talking on her cell phone, illegal in Delaware. 

Then on to Route One, surely nothing could happen there.  After all I was only going 5 miles an hour.  Except the lady who was in the left lane wanted to be in the right and the lady in the right wanted to be in the left and they met in the middle… right in front of the State Police Barracks.  How convenient. 

I made it to the bank safely, and then had to pick up John’s laundry.  Got it and started home.  Only traffic on Postal Lane was backed up all the way to the golf course… it took me almost 10 minutes to drive what can’t be more than a half a mile.. 

I was never so happy to be home… I think I’ll hide my car keys from myself so I don’t attempt to go out again this weekend.

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