Monday, June 11, 2012

My weekend

Jon, Steph and Simba arrived early Friday night, surprising us.  We had some nice conversations before we all were yawning more than talking and gave up and went to bed.  Much to my surprise they were up when I woke up, they blamed Simba.  More talking and some showing off on my part… I showed them what I’d done upstairs. 

Around noon they headed to the beach and I went in to sew.  Only I’ve decided that as much as I liked the blocks I’d made, they needed something to be truly finished and I didn’t have what I needed to finish them… more fabric.  I needed a coordinating sashing and some corner stones.  I found what I needed on line and ordered it, and a dear sweet wonderful friend offered to share her leftovers from the same Tonga Treat so now all I need to do is wait for them both to come in the mail and I can finish that project. 

Everyone came home about the same time and we had dinner and more conversations, and then it was bedtime again.  Sunday was pure relaxation and it was so nice.  Having Jon and Steph here was great fun and it made me realize how much I miss them being closer.  And Simba was so totally different than his cousin Mufasa, I enjoyed his visit too. 

Simba’s a totally completely different animal than Mufasa.  However having him around really made me realize two things.  First, I really miss having an animal in the house and second, I don’t want to have another animal in the house.  I love having someone meet me at the door when I come in.  But I don’t want someone here waiting for me when I have to go away.  I love the freedom of not having to worry about something that is alive and dependant on me to be here.  I love being able to come and go without worrying about what or who is here waiting to be fed.  It’s a tough decision to make, but I’m sure now that we’ve made the right one, no more pets.  And if we ever win the lottery and can afford to travel, I’ll be finding homes for all my plants too.

Right now I need to decide what my next project's going to be!

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  1. I totally understand. I can't wait to be petless. I have told my kids when they move out they are taking their dog with them. I will babysit but they wont live here anymore!


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