Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today's cutting

Yesterday I finished a retreat sample, and realized that July is right around the corner and I haven’t made a project sample yet. I picked the design/pattern a long time ago, but haven’t gotten around to making the sample. So this morning I cut out 48 squares for diagonal half squares or half square triangles or triangle squares, which ever you call them. And that’s as far as I’ve gone.

Today was errand day. First stop the bank to make a deposit and withdrawal, then next door almost to drop off a huge box of packing peanuts (don’t ask) and then to Wal-Mart, one of my least favorite places to go. However I needed a variety of items and I could have gone to four different stores or just there… so I went.... along with a billion other people who had no idea where to find anything or what they needed or what they’d allow their child to buy. We call those people tourons, visitors who leave half their brains back home… I think I ran into a few today who left them ALL home.

Surprisingly because I knew where everything was in our small local store I was in and out in a jiffy. Next stop AT&T to look for a new phone for John. I picked one, I sure hope he likes it. Also surprisingly was that I was the only customer in there when I walked in, so got help right away and was out much faster than ever… they’re a busy little store and I’ve never made a purchase so quickly. And they had people waiting for help when I left too.

I got done so early I ran home and unloaded the car, checked email and then went back out again, for a lunch date. It was quite enjoyable and I really enjoyed it. Then one more stop, the grocery store and then home.

Now, can I finish a whole quilt in the next few days? …stay tuned.



  1. Jan Clark8:30 AM

    Hi Marge
    I love your blogg I've followed you for a few years now on the main site and today I found your blogg site I don't usually comment on sites being a reserved English woman but like you I'm not getting any younger and we have to leave our comfort zones sometimes.The weather you have talked about has just arrived in England,midday, I am in the Midlands and we have just had 2 hours of drowning rain and I am writing this as the thunder is clapping and lightening flashing all around I can't concentrate on my sewing so thought I'd check web sites to keep my mind off the storm.Keep up the good work with your charity and I wish I could join you on retreat it sounds wonderful.Best wishes Janet

    1. Thank you Janet and nice to hear from across the pond. We lived in the UK for three wonderful years, down at RAF Fairford in the Cotswolds. There was very little of the UK we didn’t see, and loved it all. John and I were talking last night about the International Air Tattoo which was held one year we lived there. That was an amazing week and one of the hottest on records at that time. The Tattoo was an experience I will never forget, nor the heat. Although I’ve experienced heat worse, here in the US we have air conditioning and the base and especially the runways had none.
      We did truly love our time in the UK and have many wonderful memories of our travels there. Thank you for taking time to write!


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