Tuesday, June 22, 2010

About the car…

It’s not too complicated, I had a very nice 2008 Ford Taurus X which the dealer called a crossover vehicle. I called it a station wagon which was exactly what it was, and I didn’t need that big car any more. I figured, I go on three maybe four trips a year, and with the new location for the retreats don’t need to haul as much as I used to, so why drive around that big car all the time? I’d been thinking this for months.

The other day I was sitting at a red light and there were two huge vehicles on either side of me, I thought they were Expeditions but when they pulled away from me when the light changed I realized they were just Explorers and I really felt short next to them. I missed the height of the Explorer, but …

Then I thought about the Escape, but would it haul what I needed when I needed to haul? Would it have the features I wanted, namely 4WD and tinted windows and a key pad? (I’m famous for locking my keys in my car) So I went car shopping on the internet and found out everything I wanted to know and more. This morning I called my local dealer and told him what I wanted, he had one. We bargained and I got what I wanted for the price I wanted, and I’m happy.

Funny, I sat in the car in my garage for ten minutes trying to put CDs in the CD changer. When the heat got to me, I gave up and came in. After work Mike came to check my new wheels out and I asked him to show me how to load the CD changer. Hmmm… it’s not a CD changer, it’s just a single CD… DUH me.

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