Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Is your stash overwhelming to you? While blog hopping today I saw quite a few people who said their stashes were becoming or already was overwhelming and uncontrolled. One notable designer, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame has a photo of what I am sure is just some of her stash on her blog today, I have loved Bonnie’s designs for years now and with her permission include several of her patterns as a part of my Scrappy Happy Quilt Retreats. It was fun for me to see her scrap bin…

So I trekked up the stairs (easier now thank goodness) and took a serious look at mine.
Yes, I have more than I can use in two lifetimes.
Yes I am not sewing near as much as I have in years past due to health issues.
Yes I will never use it all. Yes, I am giving it away…some of it.
Yes I might sell some of it on eBay, some of the “collectables” namely the very early Aunt Graces I treasure so much.
Yes I will be sending some of it to a friend who is making quilts for Children’s Hospital, and some more to another friend who is making QOV.
Yes I will be taking my scrap bin (or that might be bins?) to the October Retreat for the ladies to use as needed in their Scrappy Happy Quilts and if I am in the mood I might just make another Scrappy Happy Quilt myself… I have an idea and I KNOW I have the scraps!

But honestly, it’s not that bad. My stash is neat, somewhat controlled and usable for darn sure. Now if I could just get past all the things that are keeping me from getting to it.. these shakes, the sleepless nights followed by groggy grumpy not good sewing days… I will sew and I will sew soon!

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