Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One down…

I went for check up on the knees today, and have been given the all clear from the Doc. Yes keep up the home PT. Yes I still need the cane when walking long distances and standing a lot. But the pain is gone, the mobility improved, so as far as the knees go, I am ok.

Except… this other problem may bother my mobility occasionally, according to what I’ve read on line. Up to today I have had little pain, just twinges reminding me that it is there. Today it’s kind of been building up again, the shoulders and arms are achy. I see the specialist, a rheumatologist, at the end of the month, then back to see the family Doc the next day.

Side effects are diminishing as the nurse said they might, I am burping a lot less than I have been, which is good for my manners. The indigestion is still a bother, but if that keeps my appetite down that’s ok by me.

I took Benadryl to help me sleep, two pills left me feeling sort of hung over the next morning, or maybe that was just the lack of sleep building up. One pill didn’t help me sleep, so tonight I’m back to two, and hopefully will catch up. I don’t function well without my 8 hours.

And the best news of all, I did get to sew a little. Yep, cut up some fabric and sewed it back together again into a mini quilt. If I am sewing you know things are looking up, fingers crossed it stays improving.

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  1. yay for feeling better !! Good to hear that you are getting to sew, and moving around more comfortably.

    hugs from humid Ct


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