Friday, June 11, 2010

So what’s up?

All of the EQs are in the mail and a few of the ladies who have received them are already having fun with them. I got a good chuckle from an email this morning from one lady who said she’d made a dozen quilts last night, on EQ at least.

I got a very nice gift from a dear friend the other day, a new t-shirt. No it’s not purple but what it says on it is a real hoot… “I’m Not Buying Fabric…It’s a Bailout For The Textiles Industry” (Thanks Joan)

As for me I’m not buying fabric, not using it either, still no quilting for me. However, and I know I’ve said this before, things will change soon.

I’ve been seeing the Doctors (as much as I dislike them I can not live in this pain any more) and they think they have an answer to my issues. It is sort of an answer to the many unknowns, why I feel they way I do, why the second knee surgery didn’t give me the instant relief I was hoping for, and why the rest of my body went to pieces afterward. After the vampires drained me of red stuff so they could run tests, some x-rays and lots of prodding and poking they had narrowed it down to two things.. fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. Our family Doc thinks it is something else, polymyalgia rheumatica and is sending me to yet another doctor for a diagnosis. He had hoped I could see this specialist today, but as always, hurry up and wait, I can’t get in to see her until the 29th and that was with him setting up the appointment for me. (I am guessing if I had tried it would have been next summer sometime)

In the meantime he’s got me on the fat pill, the one that makes you want to eat everything you see, won’t let you sleep at night, and makes you hyper. So far I am fighting the eating thing, I refuse to gain weight getting better. I only slept about 5 hours last night, was wide awake and dripping with sweat until the wee hours... And the hyper hasn’t hit yet probably because I still ache. And I've only taken one dose so far...

BUT I might just let this magic pill work to my advantage. Once the pain goes away, and it will go away… I can stay up all night long sewing, and sew all day, and keep sewing until I fall asleep at the machine. If I sew, I can’t eat, right? I have so much sewing I want to do, more UFOs to create, and all those UFOs to finish!


  1. Insomnia is the pits. You have a good excuse. I wake up to go to the bathroom and then I can't get back to sleep. I've learned to get up and do something if I lay awake for an hour. Last night I was lucky and fell asleep after I read a bit.

    No sewing here. We loaded EQ today. Will play a bit on it when the sun goes down. Can't see the monitor now! Take care of yourself. And, shout from the roof tops when you get to do some sewing! B.

  2. You can sew and eat too. What about all the chocolate we consume while we are quilting?
    I hope the doctors find out what the problem is. You have been in pain too long.


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