Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another reason I Relay

I found this email in my “junk” this afternoon, so glad I checked it carefully before emptying it. This is why I Relay, and why I will keep on Relaying until we don’t need Relay any more.

Thanks for writing Gail. Keep up the fight and keep on quilting too.

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought my world was over but it looks like I have a lot of world left in me, treatments have been made and I am now officially a cancer survivor. I have scars where I used to have breasts, but in a few months that will be taken care of and I will be a whole albeit slightly altered woman again.

In my time down and it was way down I was thinking about giving away all my quilting stuff since I wouldn’t be needing it anymore and somehow or other I ended up on your blog and then web site. I noticed you were involved with Relay for Life and read what you had to say about it, visited your web pages and wondered if there was such a thing near me.

Your link to the ACS site answered that question and next thing I knew I was signing up for some event about 30 miles away. I asked at it at the Cancer Center and they gave me an invite. I had no idea what it was, but I was going to go, because of your involvement and apparent enjoyment with it.

I went, I saw, I listened, I walked. I cried too, a lot. I am not the only woman with no boobs and I never lost a hair, unlike some of the ladies I met that night. I am alive, unlike some of the people who were memoried on the luminary bags I saw. I am alive, I am healthy again and I am thankful for it all.

Thank you for being so vocal about your cause and count on me to help you out again next year. And I might just join the team or even start my own team here. I will keep you in the loop.

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  1. What a courageous lady Gail is. Best wishes to her. Marge, how wonderful that she wrote you. You do deserve a BIG pat on the back for inspiring this lady to her own next step. Thank you Marge and Gail.


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