Saturday, June 05, 2010

I mean no disrespect

I mean no disrespect to any designer in this post. I am sure there are plenty of designers out there who say they don’t like my work too, and I understand their opinions. I also know that we all have different tastes, some people like scrappy, and some don’t. Some people like bright colors, some don’t. Some people like old fashioned blocks and others don’t. If we all liked the same things, quilt shows would be extremely boring. And I have designed a few quilts in the past which even I think now are ugly, although I’m sure I didn’t feel that way when I designed and made them.

However, after doing some extensive blogging and group reading yesterday, I noticed a trend… just cutting fabric into big pieces and sewing them back together and calling it a quilt. No real design, just … well to me some of them looked like a plain mess. What I find sad about this is that people are paying money for patterns for these messes. No, they just don’t do anything for me.

Now, to cut fabric into a lot of little pieces and sew them back together in a pattern of some kind, that’s a quilt. And then there was Speedy Strips… I’m sure some people had words about that one, but I still like it. As I said before, if we all liked the same things, quilt shows would be extremely boring.


  1. I have noticed the same thing and usually it's called "modern" quilting, whatever that means.

  2. As you said we all have different tastes and life styles. If we were all the same wouldn't it be a dull World. I am like you that if I am going to quilt I want the quilt to look like I took a lttle effort to assemble the blocks for the overall design. I tend to be more traditional and scrappy. I like the looks of Art quilts but they are not for me. I marvel at the many ways to make quilts and the difference we all can produce. Chris

  3. Thank you Marge. It's so nice to see that i'm not the only one who feels this way. Building a quilt in an hour is not something to be proud of. it is however, the direction people's lives seem to be taking. sad.


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