Friday, June 18, 2010

No sewing today

We went out to dinner for an early anniversary dinner at a favorite local seafood joint for lobster last night. Was a yummy dinner and we had a nice time. However it wasn’t the best dinner to burp all night long, so I didn’t get much sleep last night, which made me shaky this morning, still burping last night’s dinner, no appetite to eat anything else, but had to eat to take the meds… catch 22. Stuffed down some toast and my pills and pretty much chilled all day long at the boob tube and lap top.

I caught up on all my blog reading, lots of changes on many blogs. Many bloggers are taking advantage of the Blogger Template Designer, and I saw some very smart looking blogs today. Much better than those narrow blogs with tiny print and cramped borders. Very nice bloggers, very nice. But I think I’ll keep mine the way it is for now.

Still fighting the burps, and the shakes. Can’t wait to see the Doc again and see what we can do about getting rid of the side effects.. wonder if that is possible? Do I take medicines to get rid of the side effects from medicine to get rid of the other? When does it stop?

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  1. Oh Marge. I think you were served some bad lobster. So sorry. Doesn't sound right. If you don't feel better soon I do hope you'll contact your local health department.



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