Saturday, June 12, 2010

He did it again

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this before, or even talked about it with anyone, but my husband has a disturbing habit. For the last five years or so he has been putting his feet through the bottom sheet on our bed. Yep, ripped it to shreds, beyond repair totally.

HOW he does this is a good question. The first time it happened they were older sheets, way old, so I just decided that was what had happened. Then it happened again… sheets were not that old and were a high thread count, so I asked him nicely (well sorta) how often he cut his toe nails. He said enough and that was all I got as an explanation.

This has gone on again and again, I’ve lost count. I know for sure that he has gone through the floral sheet, the nice heavy thread count white sheet, a tan sheet, another nice heavy thread count white sheet, the pretty yellow sheet and now both of the purple sheets. Yes, two. I got smart and when I bought new sheets I started buying two fitted bottoms.

Last night he told me that he had done it again, and when I went to get a new bottom sheet from the linen closet, there weren’t any to get. I have a LOT of flat sheets, but within an hour of his tossing and turning he is rolled up in it and sleeping on the mattress. I guess one day this week I will have to go to the linen outlet and get a supply of fitted sheets, not going there on a Saturday in the summer when all the tourons are here. He’ll just have to make do for two nights!

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