Monday, June 14, 2010

Quiting In American 2010 Survey

Here are some interesting facts and figures from the Quiting In American 2010 Survey, and how I think I matched up to those figures.

I find the dating a little odd on this survey, since we are only into June 2010, this probably should be showing the expenditures for 2009. I know quite a few quilters who do their major spending at the fall quilt retreats and some of them spend well over that average just that weekend, LOL!

My comments will be in this type, and the quoted parts will be in italics. You can read the full report, what is published anyway, here (PDF) and here

“Dedicated Quilter” spending rises
Quilting in America™ 2010 survey shows industry worth $3.6 billion annually

HOUSTON – May 20, 2010 – Quilting enthusiasts spend almost $3.6 billion annually on their passion, proof that the vibrant art of quilting is both alive and thriving in the United States, even in the face of the recent economic challenges all across the country. According to the just-released Quilting in America™ 2010 survey, enthusiasts’ spending has increased by 9% since the release of the last survey results in 2006.

Size of U.S. Quilting Market
14% of U.S. households (16.38 million) are home to at least one active quilter
Total quilters in the U.S. now exceeds 21 million, (avg. 1.3 quilters per household)
Quilting households spent an average of $219 in 2010, up 27% from 2006
JUST about what I spent last year, which is way down for me, due to other circumstances and nothing to the economy.
Estimated total dollar value of the quilting industry stands at $3.58 billion.

Dedicated Quilters
Defined as those households that spend more than $600 per year on quilting-related purchases

They represent 6.2% of all quilting households, and account for 69% of total industry expenditures
In 2010, dedicated quilters report spending a total of nearly $2.5 billion

Who is the Dedicated Quilter...
62 years old Well I will be by the end of the year.
Well educated (72% attended college) Yep
Affluent ($91,602 HH income) I wish.
Spend on average $2,442 per year on quilting
That would be me in an average year.
Quilting for an average of 16 years Actually, this is my 36th year
Quilting Style .. 44% prefer traditional quilts .. 50% enjoy both traditional and contemporary styles I guess I'm with the 50% because I like some contemporary quilts, SOME but not all. Maybe I'm in that missing 6%?

So how do you compare?


  1. I blogged about this survey a few weeks back - it irritates the crap out of me! I want to know where they pulled the polling group from. I realllllly am surprised the average age isn't lower.

  2. I don't know where they got the 91,000 dollar figure. I do not know anyone who quilts and has that kind of income.


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