Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another give away….

As I said in a previous post, I’m going to clean out my sewing room. Let’s make that clean UP my sewing room, I know for a fact it will never ever until I’ve died and gone to quilters heaven be totally empty. Quilting is a part of my life so as long as I am alive I will have quilting stuff.

BUT I have too much, so I’m giving it away. Not totally, you should know that by now. But I will give away a box of fabrics to one lucky quilter at the end of July. What’s the catch… I just want a dollar. That’s all, just a dollar. A one dollar donation made on my Relay page and I will put your name in the draw for a lovely box of fabrics.

THIS IS NOT A RAFFLE… I can’t do raffles any more, against the rules, so it’s just a give away.

Look for the donate button on my Relay page, and donate $1. If you are feeling generous, you can still donate on my ACS page too.

I will put all the dollars and ACS donations into Random.org and let it pick a winner on July 31st.

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