Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I got another email this morning asking me when I would be teaching again. This group is in lower VA and is looking for someone to teach a workshop in the fall and maybe do a trunk show and lecture also. Sadly I had to say no because their date coincided with the October Retreat and I can’t miss that.

However, they got me thinking. I do miss teaching. I miss quilting, but I also miss sharing my passion with other people. I so enjoy watching someone create something they never imagined they could make themselves, and seeing the joy on someone’s face when they complete a project. I miss the company of other quilters and the fun they bring to life.

But am I ready to go back to teaching again? I had a few good days, followed by that day that never ended… four hours sleep in 48 hours is not enough for me and now I am catching up on everything it seems, sleep and life too. What would happen if one of those never ending days occurred when I was teaching…

I learned at the October Retreat last year that I am worthless when I’m not myself. (Long story short… I could not read my own pattern, one I had written myself and made four times and I didn’t understand my own directions) That was bad and I don’t want that ever to happen again. I’m pretty sure if I had a class yesterday it would have been a repeat of that nightmare.

But the medical people tell me that I will get used to this medicine, and that the medicine will keep away the pain. So maybe… maybe in a few months when things are leveled out… maybe I will allow myself to go on the road again.

I will know for sure when October rolls around and I have the first retreat. The projects are all old favorites, so that should be easy. And the ladies coming are all old friends… well most of them, there are a few newbies coming also… but I am sure I will be me by then…
I hope.

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