Saturday, June 05, 2010

No power again

About 2 AM last night we lost power. I know that is the time because the fan went off in the bedroom which woke me up. No problem, not that hot in here, so I turned over and went back to sleep. Woke up a few hours later, room certainly warmer but still not too bad, and I had to “go”. When you live in the country and don’t have power, “going” is a little complicated. You have to flush with a bucket of water and at 4:30 AM I didn’t have a bucket to flush with. Used what was in the tank and told myself to go get a bottle from the garage before climbing back to bed… I didn’t.

John was up at 6:30 for a scheduled work trip to the lighthouses. However, still no power. He was thinking of going, but I asked please don’t unless power comes back on. Although I may not have said it quite as nicely, since I was half asleep and uncomfortable from the warm air now taking over the house.

I went back to bed, tossing and turning and finally gave up when I heard the generator come on. I knew that the first thing he would plug in would be the coffee pot, and I was right. So I sat down to wait for the coffee to finish brewing and guess what… power came back on.

Sadly John missed the lighthouse trip, so I know he will be grouchy all day… wish me luck.

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