Thursday, July 01, 2010

So I sewed yesterday

Yep, sat down at the machine and started my sample for the November Retreat and Mysteries For Relay mystery. I sewed 32 pieces… and then looked at them… got up and came in here and looked at the pattern… I’d sewed wrong. So I sat down with Jack the Ripper and took apart all 32 pieces and then went straight back to the machine and sewed them correctly.

That is exactly why I have pattern testers. I know what I am making and I just sew without even reading the directions, which doesn’t do anyone any good when mystery time rolls around. The directions need to be clear and easy to understand. After I ripped and re-sewed I came back here and looked at the directions again, and tweaked them just a little so no one else will make the same mistake I did… even though I never read those directions to start with. (Bad habit I have which I need to get rid of)

This morning I had a early Drs appointment. I got a good once over and had a chance to talk to him about this polymyalgia rheumatica which I have been cursed with. I told him all the side effects I was dealing with and he like the specialist and nurse told me that with time they would go away, and what didn’t could be taken care of with medicine. He did prescribe something for the indigestion and burping, so hopefully that will be done with.

When I got home I poured myself a cup of coffee but as I went to drink it had a personal earthquake and spilled it all down the front of myself. So no sewing until the shakes subside, but I do plan to sew today… I want a finished sample for November!

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