Thursday, July 08, 2010

Still cutting

I am still cutting Aunt Grace fabrics for the two quilts they will be used up in… Now there is a funny statement… I will never ever in a hundred years use all the Aunt Grace fabrics I have. For years I bought half yards of everyone that came out, then I changed to fat quarters, and then I stop buying them all together. I still love them and I still use them, but I will never ever use them up.

Maybe it’s time to sell come more on eBay? I’ll check the listings and decide…

Speaking of eBay, I put one of my Featherweights up for sale. I have eight, I don’t need eight. Between the one I am raffling off and the one for sale, I still have too many.

I’m here blogging taking a break from the cutting. I find I can’t stand as long as I used to, my knees give out on me after 15-20 minutes so I have to take frequent breaks. The breaks give me a chance to catch up on other things, emails, bloggers, sales…no Marge, you want to sell fabric, not buy…

But I did buy, three times recently. The backing I already admitted to, and two auctions on eBay. One was for some w-o-w scraps, a good deal and already cut up to be used, and the other was for 5” charms, another quilt I want to make. (thanks Mary!) While I am cutting the w-o-ws for the two Aunt Grace projects I will also cut 2 1/2 inch squares to go with those charms.

Hmmmm maybe I can work on all FOUR projects at the same time? I wonder…

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