Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday USA

Because I live in a resort, our 4th of July will be a quiet one at home. The population of our little town grows immensely on a holiday weekend, and even more so when the weather man predicts perfect weather as they have this year. We avoid going anywhere unless absolutely necessary when the town is overrun with tourons. That includes the stores and the beach. We’ll celebrate at home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I finished the center of the November Mystery sample yesterday, with some help from Jack the Ripper again. I sewed a whole row on upside down…funny how looking at the right side of the blocks didn’t clue me in that I was making a mistake until the row was finished… it has been so long since I sewed. Regardless the center is finished and today I will add a narrow inner border and some kind of outer border… I’m thinking more background squares but will have to see what strikes me when I get to it.

Later today I’m going to venture up to the sewing room again and pull some more fabrics from my stash for another quilt. I’ve decided I need to make a quilt for the upcoming Summer Mystery since I am sewing again. I really like the pattern and Aunt Graces will make a darling Summer Mystery quilt and I have enough AGs to make 100 of them. All I need is one, I think I’ll make it a twin size, scrappy, with w-o-w background, maybe even 30s muslin if I have some in stock.. I think I do.

It is fun sewing again, I did miss it when I couldn’t. I dreamed about quilting over the long absence from it. And now that I’m sewing again, I’m still dreaming about it. Last night I dreamed I was at a quilt retreat on the beach and we had to keep moving the tables because the tide was coming in. I guess my subconscious wants me to do the two things I enjoy the most, sewing and the beach, at the same time. Unless they have electricity on the beach I doubt that will ever happen. Besides, all that sand will dull the rotary blades faster, and imagine the salt water on your fabrics…

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