Friday, July 30, 2010

I’m so embarrassed

Yesterday was Friday, all day… well it was to me! For some reason all day long I thought it was Friday. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t until my husband got up and went to work today… about ten minutes after he left it hit me… yesterday was THURSDAY… TODAY is Friday… today is the 30th and TOMORROW is the end of the fabric give-away-with-a-catch. The box is packed, all I need is an address to send it to… as soon as picks the winner the box will go off in the mail!


  1. Hahaha!!! Sooo Funny!!! Now you have 2 Fridays this week!!!

  2. Ha Ha, I do that pretty often during the week. Thursday I thought that it was Wednesday all day. Don't feel bad. Now you just have a longer week.

  3. Don't worry, marge. I did the same thing. I RSVP'd my daughter to a party and said she'll be there "tomorrow". The mother called back and said, "Its fine if she wants to play tomorrow, but the party isn't till Saturday!". At least I didn't drop her off a day early, right?


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