Friday, July 02, 2010

So when you don’t sew for a while…

When you don’t sew for a long time you forget some things.. important things.

  1. Check your seam allowance. My little Jenome resets the needle position when you turn it off, which changes the seam allowance. I need to reset it for the proper position every time I sew… I forgot that.
  2. Rotary blades cut better when they are sharp. I was putting every ounce of energy into my cutting and still leaving threads. Changed the blade on my rotary cutter and now it glides through the fabric.
  3. Read the directions. Yes, even if you wrote them, read them. It’s best to print them out instead of running back and forth between two rooms and tying to remember what you read between them.
  4. Don’t count on remembering what you read especially if you are sleep deprived.
  5. Be friends with Jack the Ripper, he is helping you fix your booboos.

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