Saturday, July 24, 2010

Near-Record Heat Bakes the East

I didn’t need to turn on the Weather Channel to find that out, all I had to do was read a few quilters blogs. Everyone on the east coast is saying they plan to stay inside and sew today because of the heat. Looking at my indoor outdoor thermometer I see that at 7:30 in the morning it is already 84.7 out, and from the fog in the windows I can tell it’s pretty humid out there. I hope to be one of those east coast quilters sewing today too.

Today is John’s birthday but he won’t be home to celebrate it. He’s doing a lighthouse tour today. By “doing” I mean leading one. He will be taken out to the lighthouse at the start of the tour and left there until the last tour finishes. That means he will spend most of his birthday standing, sitting, climbing in a lighthouse... if that’s what makes you happy go for it...
Photo added later, where John spent his b'day.

We celebrated his b’day early, meeting the kids in Dover for an exciting night of dinner and gambling. Dinner was very nice, but the long relaxed conversations were nicer. And when we finally did get up and gamble... well that was fun too. I gave each couple $20 to play with. Mike and Kelly went through theirs quickly, and Jonathon went through his half pretty fast too. I left some money at several different machines, and then we all started wandering around the casino looking for a lucky machine. Steph pointed out to me a Survivor machine, and of course I had to try it and she sat down next to me. I took my winnings up to $30, and Steph just kept on winning and winning. She was smart and cashed out when she was up to $56... not me, I spent the whole $20, tisk tisk... All in all if you combine winnings and losses we were only down $4.. not bad for a fun night.


  1. Hi Marge, So hard to sew since we don't have central AC in our house. I am planning on a mini quilt for the Alzheimer's project and hope it cools off soon so I can sew it.

  2. That's cheaper than going to the movies with 6 folks! If you think of it as entertainment and set a limit that you can hold to it is fun.


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