Friday, July 23, 2010


It’s nice to get things finished, and today I finished one of my many goals… I delivered a quilt to the quilter. (Hi J!) It was SO nice seeing her and chatting, although I’m afraid I did most of the talking, I haven’t had a female to talk to in ages, LOL! But it was so nice visiting with her and I realized as I was driving home how much I’ve missed quilting friends, the in-person ones. I’d love to remedy that, but since I never know from one day to the next how things will be, it’s hard to make any plans.

I delivered a brand new quilt to be quilted, the first delivery I’ve made to J since June 2008… over two years. YIKES! Since I delivered that quilt I decided I should update my quilt list. I added three new quilts/UFOs/WIPs to the list…
#388, Started Jun-10, November Mystery, Status At quilters’
#389, Started Jul-10, Any Size You Want mystery, Status Top done, needs backing, etc
#390, Started Jul-10, Super Duper Easy, Status WIP (blocks done and 5 rows finished!)

I decided on the way home to sit right down at the machine and do some more quilting, but here I am instead. When I got home I took my meds and almost immediately the shakes set in. Thank goodness I see the Doc on Monday, I hope there is something that can be done… fingers crossed.

How bad are the shakes… I have a collection of T-shirts with coffee stains down the front from my morning coffee. And I won’t tell you how many times I’ve spilled other things… because I have lost count. Just now as I am writing I reached for my ice tea and plop… cup ended up on the floor. Good thing it was empty, it landed on my surge protector!

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