Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I had a bad night the night before, hardly any sleep at all. But I got a LOT of sewing done yesterday, more than I thought I could. All of the blocks for the summer mystery are done and I have four rows sewn together. I am thinking I might want to go a little bigger, maybe, so I might make more blocks… or I might make a neat border of some kind, decisions decisions…

As for the bass-ackwards quilt parts, they are what I am using for the quilt. The parts that are right for this mystery will be added to and sewn into a quilt also, one that matches the pattern. Maybe with luck I can finish that one by reveal time on Saturday, maybe. That requires some more cutting, sewing, pressing, sewing etc, and will depend on the shakes.

Some people might be frustrated by all these mistakes, not me. As someone once said, it isn’t a mistake, it’s a design opportunity. I have lots of those!

PS. Last night I slept. I went to bed at 9:30 and was up and down for nature calls a few times but managed to go right back to sleep, except around 3:30 when a thunder storm kept me awake a little, but not too long. I woke up with the alarm and even hit snooze a few times, going back to sleep after each interruption. It felt good to get an almost normal night’s sleep for a change.

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  1. We have all been there. Once, when I should have stopped sewing at midnight instead of 3 AM, I managed to pin and sew on an entire binding without realizing that I forgot the BATTING!

    May you have few sleepless nights!


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