Monday, July 26, 2010

State Fair

No not the book or the quilt pattern, but it is quilt related. Our Delaware State Fair is ongoing right now, but I’m not going… don’t like the crowds, noise or the heat. However my friend Jackie is a proud owner of a blue ribbon this year, a well deserved one too. Here’s her quilt. (not my pattern FYI)

Another friend also won several ribbons, four first places, a third place and a special Judges Award which she will receive from the Governor himself. Way to go Lucy!

Another internet friend let me know that her quilt made from one of my patterns won Best Of Show at their State Fair and this morning I got an email from a new friend who got a Grand Champion Award at her State Fair for king sized Dublin Steps quilt which she made from my pattern.

I’m quite proud and very pleased and I don’t even have to go to the fairs!


  1. Looks like a Master Carpenter quilt from Sew Little Time but I could be wrong. I love her background fabric. Congrats to her on the ribbon.

  2. I really love Celtic applique. That quilt is beautiful


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