Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain and progress

YIPPEE it is raining. We really needed it, the ground was thirsty and the grass turning brown. It’s been raining gently for the last two hours, the kind of rain we need. I put out the few heavy plants I could move myself to give them a shower, so my deck looks like a jungle right now. Rain is good for all of us, and in my area the economy too. All those tourons who came to the beach this weekend are at the outlets spending money!

And progress, despite the shakes. I decided if I sewed slowly I could sew a straight line and sure enough I did. I have all of the Aunt Grace little squares and strips sewn together for Super Duper Easy, and half of step two of the summer mystery also. When I finish my lunch I’ll get right back in there and sew some more.

I was asked which size Any Size You Want I was making. I am using 2 1/2 inch squares which will give me a 6 inch block. This is because the booboo pieces that inspired this project was that size, and I want to use those booboos in this quilt to get rid of them.

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