Monday, July 05, 2010

Old computer died…

Some of you might know that I work mostly from my lap top since my desk top is upstairs and for months due to bum knees and other health issues I wasn’t doing stairs. Finally I am able to go up and down stairs some so went upstairs to get something from the desk top which has been sorely neglected for months. Well serves me right, leave the poor thing up there all by itself with no use month after month… it won’t come on.

Yesterday John decided to do something about getting what is left on there off, thank goodness. He pulled the hard drive out and hooked it up to his desk top and we have now downloaded, or transferred, or whatever the proper term it to a spare drive he has. Once again I am thankful for my computer guys and their knowledge of things I have no clue about.

Many of my friends think I know it all when it comes to computers. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have no idea how many gigs I have or what speed I’m running at. I know nothing about the internal parts, nor do I care. All I need to know is that my dependable computer stays dependable, and that I back up frequently.

Speaking of backing up, since I am pretty sure someone will ask, yes I do. Everything on that old desk top was backed up to CDs and DVDs. What happened to them I have no idea. The two photo disks I found had a lot of empty folders on them. (Which proves I don’t know everything, I can’t even properly back up) I will do better, lesson learned, honest.

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