Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sewing tired.. here’s what happened

One of my readers asked what happened in reply to yesterday's post

I cut out all the background pieces and was cutting the focus fabric and wearing my already tired self out doing it. Once I changed the blade it took no strength at all to cut layers of fabrics. (Thinking I most likely did not change the blades as I normally do after the November Retreat)

I sewed all of the main blocks and they looked lovely. I sewed the second blocks and they were equally as lovely. I sewed the third and fourth blocks and they were also lovely. Then I pressed and as I transitioned from a #3 block to a #2 block I noticed they were not quite the same size… not good.

I made my tired self take a good look at all the blocks and noticed the seam allowance was a little big. I measured, yes, just a tad larger than normal which is ok when all the blocks are the same. But because #3 and #4 blocks have more seams in them, that made them slightly smaller.

So Jack the Ripper helped me undo all of the #3 and #4 blocks and I carefully, measuring first, redid them all so they match the #1 and #2 blocks. Now I can put together the quilt.

No photos, this is a mystery after all. But I can tell you that I really like this project and I sure hope the ladies on the Mystery group and at the November Retreat will also. I might just make a second one before then…. I like it that much!

PS, I went to bed at 10 last night and slept until 8:30 this morning, a successful nights sleep with no medication at all. Progress I hope… fingers crossed.

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