Thursday, July 22, 2010

a LOT of fabric

Whew Talk about a scare… I got an overdraft notice from our bank for almost $5000. I knew immediately what had happened. I had made a $500 payment recently but must have accidently put $5000… I went on line to check and no that wasn’t it. I had made a successful $600 payment.

However sure enough a $5000 withdrawal had been done on our account on one date, and then reversed a few days later. So I called the bank. They informed me that they had a payment request from another bank we deal with.

I called that bank, one we do a LOT of business with, and had them check my accounts. They checked every single account we have with them and could not find any transfer requests. They transferred me from banking to insurance to mortgage and the same thing in all departments; no requests had been made at all for any money.

So I called back to the other bank and asked them to check into it again. Finally after a five minute hold that seemed to me like five hours they can tell me it was a posting error on the their part.

OK, good news. I said to the nice young man on the phone what about the heart attack they’d caused me, and added that would buy a lot of fabric. He asked me if I was a quilter, and I laughed and asked him how he knew… he laughed also and said he’d guessed from my email address and his mother was a quilter.

And that WOULD buy a lot of fabric, but sadly, I don’t need any more!

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