Friday, July 02, 2010

Sleep deprived…

Another interesting night/morning. I felt tired and sleepy at 8:30 last night, even though I’d had a pretty decent night’s sleep the night before. I decided to take advantage of the feeling and assure myself a good night’s sleep by taking two Tylenol PMs. By 9:30 I could hardly keep my eyes open and crawled happily into bed.

At 3:30 I woke up to potty, and climbed right back in bed looking forward to finishing off the night. However… the brain kicked in gear or something did and there wasn’t any more sleep to be found. I tossed and turned and tossed some more until I finally gave up and got up at 4:15. I was WIDE awake and laying there in bed wasn’t helping me at all.

So I got up and turned on the computer… blog hopped a bit, read email, chatted with an early morning friend I happened to find on line while looking for another friend on Facebook, read some more blogs, and worked on a pattern for an hour.

It’s delightfully cool out with low humidity so I opened up the windows on the back porch and here in the living room. I listened to the birds waking up, watched the sun light up my world, enjoyed some hummingbird antics at the feeder, lovely day.

John’s alarm just went off, so I think I will go sew for an hour or so until my other morning friend comes on line. Wish me luck, not sure if I should be sewing or not… time will tell. Did I mention that I hate prednisone?

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