Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grrr prednisone

Yesterday ended up being a bust, not getting much done at all thanks to the prednisone. I cut a little in the AM before taking the dreaded medicine and then got the shakes so bad I couldn’t risk even touching the rotary cutter, let alone trying to use it. The shakes also means that I didn’t get to the post office so the surprise box won’t go in the mail until Monday now… I’m not going to the PO today either, it’s a weekend and I don’t want to deal with the traffic.

When I started taking this medicine they told me my body would get used to it, adjust… it’s not happening fast enough for me. Some of the side effects have gone away, some have been helped by other medicines, and some… like the shaking and occasional sleepless nights… just keep on happening.

I am sleeping better, thanks to Tylenol PM (safe we checked) but not all the time. I take one about an hour before bedtime. Occasionally I go right to sleep, other times I lay there awake with my mind going a billion miles an hour. I’ve learned that if I get up after an hour of no sleep and read some, I will eventually go to sleep. And I’ve learned to set my alarm every night too, so I don’t catch up on sleep in the morning and then not be able to sleep at night… endless cycle.

So until I get the sleeping thing back to normal and the shakes done with, I’m still not a happy prednisone taker… I won’t even go into the hungries.. I am not hungry… I do not want to devour a bag of Cheetos at 9AM in the morning… I do not want a box of Honey Nut O’s, just one little bowl will do… put the Cheetos down Marge…

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  1. I have trouble sleeping too - I can't shut off my brain & it makes me crazy! I've found 2 things - melatonin (OTC, but check with your doctor) and a little MP3 Player with books on tape. I download them from the local library (you can do it from their webpage - or try one from a larger nearby city.) I put the earbuds in my ears and listen to someone read to me (heavenly) and I drift off sooner or later. If I wake up and can't get back to sleep, I just pop the buds in my ears and continue. More often than not, I fall asleep with them in my ears!


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