Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A finish

Yes it is now official, I have finished a quilt top. The sample for the November mystery is now officially finished and as soon as I find some backing for it will be heading off to the quilter. Hopefully she has time to fit it in her schedule before too long and I can get it bound and ready for the November Retreat.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be sewing again. I knew I missed it, but it wasn’t until I spent the good part of a full day sewing that I realized how much I truly missed it. The sewing machine is a big part of me, and not to be able to sit at it and sew was dragging me down. Sure I was making up new designs and patterns, but to not be able to actually sit and make them just wasn’t the same.

Even John said it was nice to see me sewing again. He came in from work and heard the machine and said that was a nice sound to be hearing again. He’s so generously sharing the office with me, and I am trying to keep my sewing area neat… but you quilters know how we sort of explode when we get going… I am being careful, but most of all I am sewing.

I am now moving on to the upcoming, just a few days away now, Summer Mystery quilt. I’ve decided to double duty sew, and will be making myself a Super Duper Easy at the same time. When I did SDE for the Mystery group I said if I was sewing I would be making it using Aunt Grace fabrics. And since my summer mystery sample is going to be AGs and since I have so many of them, I’ll be making both quilts at the same time.

Let’s see… if I double sew everything for now on, I will eventually catch up, right? Not really, I will never catch up, and my UFO list isn’t getting any shorter either. But I don’t care… I’m sewing and that’s all the matters to me right now!


  1. Good for you, glad to hear you are back at it!
    I have been at a 2 year stand still,but health issues are keeping me out the productive mode.
    Now if you could give me a swift kick in the pants, maybe i would get in gear.

  2. YEE HAW! Congratulations... now if only I could join you. The last few boxes I unpacked exploded all over the room. Or so it seems. Most of it is stamping stuff. Me and my hobbies. UGH. I'm looking forward to seeing some photos posted!


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