Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finish sort-of and an update

First, TaaDaa I finished my Super Duper Easy top just now. I was so happy to get it done I had John hold it up while I photographed it, then realized I hadn’t even pressed it yet. Oh well, I get to show you all I finished it. I’ll press it, and send it off to the quilter as soon as she is ready for it. I’m very happy to have it finished and really like it!

Several people have asked lately how John’s Aunt is doing and I am happy to report very well. She is settled into the home and very much at home there and is even making friends. Well I guess she is making acquaintances more than friends, since she doesn’t remember anyone’s name from one day to the next. Her memory is fading quickly and in that department she’s not so good. She doesn’t know what day of the week it is or what season it is even if it is over 100 degrees outside. Pretty much all she cares about is meal time and taking care of the kitties, although recently she is slipping in the kitty department too. Several times recently the help has told John she isn’t cleaning the kitty litter enough, and he verifies that by the smell when he goes in the room.

That really saddened me, as her kitty little was always very clean, she checked it several times a day and you never smelled anything in the past. She is also over feeding them, as John knows by how fast she goes through the cat food, but I know what she’s doing. It was one of the first signs I had that she had a memory problem…. When I was “visiting” her up in NY she would feed them every 15 minutes or so because she didn’t remember feeding them already. She would get up early in the morning to feed them and they would happily devour their breakfast. 15 minutes or so later she would get up and feed them again because she didn’t remember already doing it, and of course they weren’t hungry and wouldn’t eat. She’d throw out the food thinking they didn’t like it and open a second can. Then 15 minutes later it would start all over again. I am pretty sure she is doing that again or still since she is going through 24 cans or more or cat food less than a week for two kitties.

John was going through some old photos and found this one… this is his Aunt with Michael in our backyard fort in San Antonio. I’m not sure who is having the better time…

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