Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post #555

I just realized as I started to post this that it will be my 555th post. Amazing. I think in honor of that I will mail another box of fabrics to a donor tomorrow… wonder who wants me to send it to? The last box I sent has not been acknowledged yet, although according to the post office was delivered. I have a suspicion that the donor is off visiting her grandchildren again.

Had the shakes when I got up after a good night's sleep and still do, but despite that I finished my sample for the summer mystery. I’m very happy with the way it came out, and can’t wait to show it off on Saturday. In the mail I got my backing fabric for the November mystery, which is in the washer right now and my navy Kona for my Super Duper Easy which I washed already.

I can sew with the shakes, but I don’t think I will attempt cutting… not worth risking it, I might bleed on my fabric. As soon as I stop shaking I will get the star points cut and start sewing again. In the meantime I’m sewing on my November mystery from last year, Quarter of a Court House. Sooner or later I need to finish that too, so I get that to the quilter! I hope she's ready for me!

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