Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to designing

I’ve given up hummer watching for now, now I am hummer listening. Zipper and Velcro have left the nest finally and are still being trained on the ways of the world by their mother BB. I have the web site up and open, so I can hear the most delightful background noises there, a wind chime and a fountain accompanied by bird songs of all sorts. So relaxing. (However you better believe I click back to the site whenever I hear hummer wings or chirps!)

As for the other nest, too much drama there. Yes, that’s life, but I have enough drama in my own life I don’t need any more.

So back to pattern designing. I saw something while hummer watching that sparked interest in a long ago design I had, so I’ve opened that file up again and maybe this time will finish the pattern. I’m going to call it hummingbird wings…

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