Thursday, March 04, 2010

No snowballs today

Actually little snow left around here to make snowballs with, but there is plenty of fabric for snowball quilts. I wish I was sewing so I could make some. Although then I’d have to decide on which pattern to use, and honestly, right now I have such a long wish list, I doubt I will ever get everything made I want to.

And then there is the UFO list that looms over me… I wonder when I will get to that again. I was curious as to when I had a UFO finish last so peeked at my inventory list. YIKES… my last finish was March 6, 2009.

my last finish

I’m hanging my head in shame here, and am angry at myself. However, it really isn’t my fault… honest. That finish was while I was up in NY “helping” Aunt Sheryl, and I did that until Relay last year, and then we moved Aunt Sheryl here and then my knees went wacky on me.

It’s a pity that I can’t count my pattern finishes as finishes. But then again, there are almost as many unfinished patterns as there are finished. If you are wondering, a pattern is finished when it has been tested by two different people and is ready to be given either as a mystery or class and/or put on my Patterns For Relay page. But I’m keeping most of them for mysteries, because once I get sewing again I won’t have any pattern making time! I’ll be too busy making my newest patterns and working on that UFO list!

PS there are more snowballs coming, I promise. QUILT kind, not the other, I hope!

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  1. That quilt is a beauty! Not a bad one to stop on.


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