Monday, March 22, 2010

Still no Fabric Giveaway photo

I really am sorry, my knees just won’t let me go upstairs. However I KNOW there is a lot of fabric up there and I’ve been thinking about what I have to give. One thing I will graciously share are yards of miscellaneous white-on-whites. I buy w-o-ws by the bolt, and I’m pretty sure there are a few bolts up there that have never even been opened and I won’t admit how many there are up there that have been opened… so I will cut a yard or more from five or six different bolts, maybe even more. I probably could fill the box with JUST w-o-ws but I want to give the lucky winner some variety.

I’m not just thinking of my fabrics for the give away, but also for my quilting desire. I miss sewing, a lot! I have so many new patterns I’d like to make samples for. My testers do a great job at testing the pattern, but I design these for myself too, and the testers don’t always choose the same colors I would, and I’d love to see my own version of my own pattern too.

A few of those new patterns I can visualize finished in my fabric choices… Super Duper Easy in Aunt Graces, white muslin and a solid for the points… the November mystery in tan batiks with a dark batik for the main color… SOS in five shades of green just as my diagrams show and the AG mystery in oddly enough Aunt Graces, although that AG does not stand for Aunt Grace as you might think. I want to sew my NEW patterns and I will not feel guilty about all the UFOs I have, I want to make more UFOs, and someday I will work on some finishes.

Nine days to see the Doctor and he’d better be ready to fix these knees or else!

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