Friday, March 12, 2010


OK bloggers out there, let’s understand a little better the purpose of a ring… a ring is a circle, never ending, that goes round and round. If you join a ring of some kind in blogger world, then that should be a never ending ring of blogs that goes round and round until you end up back where you started.

In times past I could actually blog hop from one blog to another until I would end up back where I started. Today I went visiting my blog neighbors… two blogs down the street ended… that blogger didn’t have a blog ring previous/next gadget on her blog… so I went previous, previous, previous until I was in new territory again and another dead end.

WHAT IS ALT-WEBRING?alt-webring is a free service that enables you to create and manage webrings. Webrings link together sites that contain related content in a virtual 'ring', each site in the ring has a set of ring navigation controls that enable you to travel from one site to another around the ring. These controls are recognized by having links such as Next, Previous, Random, List, etc.

If you are on a RING, please add the web ring link thingy to your site! Please

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