Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Miracle Memories

You never know what might trigger a memory and reading a new blog on a new ring yesterday has certainly triggered some of mine. Not all good ones, but in the end we did have a happy ending.

John and I met when we were 16. He claimed it was love at first site, it took me a little longer. After all, he got out of his car with six girls, how was I to know most of them were his sisters, LOL! Anyway, we fell in love, got married and when time came to start a family, nothing happened.

Five years into it testing started and we started adoption processes. Five years after that I was told I could never get pregnant. Few months later John was accepted into officer’s school and we prepared to move. On the day of the move we got a phone call from the adoption agency that we were being moved to the active waiting list. However when I told them we were moving, we were no longer eligible to adopt through that agency.

Fast forward through officer’s school and several schooling moves and we are settling down in a new assignment at last. As an officer in the military we had an assigned doctor and on my initial visit he tells me his specialty before entering the service was infertility and he would like to do another workup on me once we are settled in. Summer passes and as Thanksgiving approaches I suddenly realize that I might be pregnant and indeed I was. In August the following year we had a healthy baby boy. (I never had that workup and was told don’t try for any more children)

#2 miracle I wrote about

Thanks for the memories Heather and Colleen. And thank you God for precious miracles, now young men of the world.

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