Friday, March 19, 2010

National Quilting Day “Raffle”

Most of you know I don’t do anything without involving Relay For Life. So for my National Quilting Day Raffle I’m going to ask for donations towards my fundraising efforts.

What will you win? How about a LARGE priority box full of fabrics!

I will let choose the winner. For each $1 donation you make you get one chance to win. For each $5 donation you make you get SIX chances to win. Donate $10 and you will get fifteen chances. You can make a donation by clicking the donate button on my Relay web page.
This “raffle” will go on for one month starting today, as soon as this is posted. On April 20 at noon I will have pick the winner and announce it on here.

(And no, I have not forgotten about the Featherweight raffle, if you made a donation towards that is is recorded and I will post details soon I promise… I am still not getting around well and have not gotten into the garage to pick which one I will send to the lucky winner)

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